Mark T. Hamilton

Machine Learning Researcher and Software Engineer


ACS Editors Choice and Cover Article

We use microbial risk simulation to create guidelines for residential water quality. Selected as an American Chemical Society Editors' Choice article.

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Spark + AI Summit 2019 Keynote Demo

We create a real-time currency detection algorithm to help those with visual impairments.

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New Book Chapter

Read our chapter on using UAVs,  deep learning, and Azure Kunernetes Service to develop and deploy a poacher recognition system.

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Best Article in Economic Sociology

Companies and the Rise of Economic Thought receives honorable mention for the Granovetter Prize for the Best article in Economic Sociology

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Generative Adversarial Art with:

Explore the mind of a GAN trained on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collected works. Then, find your creation in the MET's collection with reverse image search.

Microsoft Machine Learning for Apache Spark

A Fault-Tolerant, Elastic, and RESTful Machine Learning Framework

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CNTK on Spark

Distributed Deep Learning

Spark Serving

Simple, Sub-Millisecond Web Serving on Apache Spark

The Cognitive Services on Spark

Composable and Intelligent Microservices

LIME on Spark

Distributed Model Interpretability

AI for Earth

Math and Physics


AGN Populations in Large-volume X-Ray Surveys

Theorem Proving

Automated Theorem Proving in the Module System for Mathematical Theories

Unsupervised Translation

Semi-Supervised Translation with MMD Networks

Category Theory

Category Theory and the Curry-Howard-Lambek Correspondence



Companies and the Rise of Economic Thought


A Cross-Domain Comparison of Bayesian Psychological Discounting Models

Environmental Engineering

Health risks from exposure to Legionella in reclaimed water aerosols


Microsoft Build 2019

Anamoly Detection for Realtime NASCAR Analytics on Cosmic Spark